Internships 2020

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unexpected experiences in a time of uncertainty
2020 has been a rough, blink-of-an-eye year. Hearing the same two words "unprecedented times" countless times and playing lots of animal crossing led me to almost give up my internship search for 2020. Luckily, I didn't give up and hit a stroke of luck, here's a reflection of my two experiences in this tough first year of the decade.
Graphic Design Intern @ Fello
Digital Marketing Intern @ Vision Youth
A capture from my animal crossing game! Character is currently at her computer in game.
Graphic Design Intern
June - July 2020
*under NDA
This experience is protected under an NDA so unfortunately I cannot disclose a lot of details but I'll give a quick brief and takeaways from the experience below. If you'd like to see the work I produced please contact me in advance and we'll set up something! 


After applying to countless internships since 2020 began, I didn't hit much luck when March came around. I received more cancelled positions rather than rejections, and slowly I grew less and less hopeful in landing any sort of experience for my term off. That was until, I was approached by someone on LinkedIn– that someone had a start-up and was a student at Cornell university. I was slightly skeptical first, mostly around the fact that I was based in Canada and they were in the US, but after an interview and getting to know the team I was offered the role of a graphic design intern! 

Content I made during the experience included: social media posts (instagram, LinkedIn, etc.) and any graphic design work needed for the MVP that was launched right around the time I was onboarded on the team.


At the position, I didn't really take charge or preference in pushing any iterations I enjoyed personally forwards during weekly meetings. I learned during my second year of university to be more detached from my work in order to take critique better, but at the position I was asked to do the opposite as they valued my opinion. This was tough for me to grasp at first, but eventually I had to learn to adapt to different team styles, and this was a new one i've never encountered before. Nevertheless, it was a worthwhile experience learning to adjust to a new team style and learning to be ok with being more forward with personal preferences sometimes.

It was also interesting to see an MVP in action and learn from seeing this form of prototype/testing go down. I also genuinely enjoyed working with the fello team as the only "international" member. : )
Animal Crossing character is at her desk with a thinking cloud above her. Her laptop has the fello logo on screen and photoshop.

if you were curious, yes this is my animal crossing :), I didn't take any photos to capture my internship moments so I tried to recreate it in a different way .

Vision Youth
Digital Marketing Intern
July - September 2020

My time at Fello was short-lived, and I thought maybe that would be it for my experiences for 2020, and honestly speaking I was ok with that thought. However, I was very lucky to be offered another position at a non-profit (subsidized by the government) and create content for them for the remaining months of the summer! 

This was a new team, and I was fortunate in not only landing another experience but getting to know my manager Katie who was super sweet during the whole process. Below are some snippets of some of the things I did for the organization, it's not my absolute best work i've ever done but rather the work that i've done that has made the most impact. Notably the instagram templates, which really helped Vision Youth speed up posts on their social media while keeping a consistent look!

You can see the templates in action here: Vision Youth Instagram

Instagram templates made for Vision Youth

instagram templates for vision youth

Mockups of VIsion Youth Work, Poster, logo, etc.

additional marketing material made

Motion Graphics made for Vision Youth for intro and outro of youtube and instagram content.

intro and outro motion graphics (slowed due to compression)


Vision Youth was an experience that further reinforced my skillsets and re-presented different some skills that I may have learned in the past but never got the chance to practice more. I also picked up experience with using social media auto-posting sites and mail chimp!

Animal Crossing Character waves goodbye from her laptop with a smile.

2020 was a year that i'll remember as a blink of an eye, revelation year.  I will ever be so thankful that I was given these experiences to grow not only as a designer but also as a person. To the future and more lessons to be learned. (And hopefully i’ll get the chance to complete my animal crossing island 😅)

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